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Safety & environmental protection

Strictly implement conventions and national regulations


Seriously implementing the "regulations on the administration of MCCS" is the strong performance of China for chemical weapons convention. Although the threat of "traditional" chemical warfare causing massive casualties has decreased significantly, the global environment is still grim. The implementation of management regulations of MCC provides scientific guidance to enterprise for CWC, and helps regulate and control from the source of production, management and sales; it is a strong support to prevent toxic chemicals from lost, proliferation, abused by some countries or non-state actors, and avoid some chemical weapons to produce terrorist events.

To carry our this CWC, our company put daily quality data management of CWC into the annual appraisal of department; we implement scientific, standard and informationizing management, and set up accounts for statistics from the day, month and year, product inspection, material purchasing and "three wastes" treatment.

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